ZYLIA is the world’s first Portable Recording
Studio that allows MULTI TRACK RECORDING
and separation of individual instruments.

Press play and separate each instrument by clicking on the chosen icon.
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THE NEED Music band recording is a difficult task which requires audio engineering knowledge and a lot of equipment such as microphones, cables, stands, mixers and sound registering devices. Such equipment set is expensive and it is time consuming to set it up properly.

Due to these difficulties musicians often choose to use a smartphone to record their band rehearsal. Unfortunately, the quality of such recording is insufficient and the recording is not useful in further post-processing. The fact that there is currently no easy tool for rehearsals recording makes it difficult to capture the moment and improve music skills when playing in a band.
THE SOLUTION We present ZYLIA, a state-of-the-art audio recording system which packs microphones, cables, mixers into one compact device.

Place it among musicians and record you rehearsal.

Specially designed spherical microphone will capture your unique performance. Cloud processing extracts tracks of individual instruments and vocals. You can mix them to produce a demo recording ready for sharing.
Saves time & money With its small size, ease of use, and quick set-up ZYLIA allows artists to spend less time setting-up mics and more time making music together.

ZYLIA system gives musicians an incredible value by costing a fraction of the cost of the entire microphone set.
High quality audio recording ZYLIA Portable Recording System uses a state-of-the-art microphone array to capture all sound sources that are present in the audio scene. The 3D audio recordings are made using 48 kHz/ 24 bit precision to capture every sound detail produced by individual instruments.
Multi-track recording ZYLIA is the first hassle-free multi-track music recording system. Recordings can be quickly and easily processed to extract individual instrument tracks.

You gain a better way to spot and isolate the parts of each instrument track that may need adjustment or improvement.
Balanced recording ZYLIA extracts individual instruments from the recording into separate audio tracks that are ready for mixing.

Adjust the level of each instrument and produce a balanced recording from your rehearsal.
Portable solution Take it on the road and record music in the tour bus, hotel room, backstage, or even during a live performance.

Capture your creativity and chemistry wherever and whenever it occurs.
ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio consists of three connected elements:
  • ZYLIA ZM-1
  • ZYLIA Studio
  • ZYLIA Cloud
    processing service
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ZYLIA ZM-1 ZYLIA ZM-1 is a special type of microphone that was designed specifically for multi-track music recording. Main features of the microphone:
  • High quality audio recording with 19 microphone capsules
  • LED ring status indicator
  • 48 KHz / 24 bit recording
  • USB connectivity
  • Easy to deploy
Size & weight Data type Quantization – 16/24 bit
Sampling frequency – 44.1 / 48 kHz
RAW – Wave / PCM
General Number of simultaneously recorded tracks / sources: Unlimited
Automatic separation of recorded sound sources
Automatic removal of background noises
Recording time: 1.2 GB / hour (ZYLIA lossless compression, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit),
0.2 GB / hour (OGG, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit)
A/D conversion: 24 bits, 44.1 / 48 kHz
Microphones: multi microphone array, Gain adjustment: -12dB to +32dB (0.5dB step)
Virtual microphone Software defined microphone
Point in any direction in 3D space
Automatic control of spatial/frequency characteristics – depends on separation type
Unlimited number of virtual microphones
Physical Storage - Mac or PC through USB
Connection – USB 2.0
Power - Micro USB 2.0
Input – 19 microphone capsules
Output - Micro USB 2.0
ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone works with stand threads: 1/4'' and 5/8''. Additionally, you can mount the adapter from 5/8’’ to 3/8''.
ZYLIA STUDIO ZYLIA Studio is a dedicated application which enables recording and processing of every tune created by the band. Main features of the application:
  • Desktop application for MAC and Linux
  • Create, cut and store your recordings
  • Extract individual instruments into separate tracks
  • Create a balanced recording by mixing individual instruments
  • Produce stereo tracks in WAV
  • Export tracks into any DAW software
  • Free software updates
Operating system MAC OS X 10.11 and up
Windows (coming soon)
ZYLIA CLOUD ZYLIA Cloud is the audio processing heart of the ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio. Main features of the cloud platform:
  • Online storage and processing for your recordings
  • User profile setup
  • Handling of payments
  • Data synchronization between multiple devices
  • Freemium subscription model
  • Band rehearsals
  • Songwriting
  • Composition
  • Music sketches
  • Live performances
  • Music education
  • Outdoor recordings